Maggie M-M (maggishness) wrote in worship_corsets,
Maggie M-M

question about measurements

I recently won a HoW corset on Ebay and just got a friend to help me with the measurements today. I am a bit puzzled seeing them compared to the measurements of the corsets I've seen in this journal.
I mean, I'm a lot wider than a 'model size', having a natural waist of around 36", so of course those measurements are a lot bigger, but my waist-underbust is also quite a lot longer, as in 7". Also, my side hip length and desidered corset front are pretty close, but I think there would have to be a slight upwards curve between them (like an inverted u sort of thing) to avoid the corset jabbing my thigh when sitting, is this possible or should I re-evaluate those measurements? Does this mean we did the measurements wrong? We followed the instrucions very carefully.
Also, should I include a measurement of waist-start of ribcage?
And what waist reduction should I go for?
*feels clueless*
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