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worship_corsets's Journal

House of Worship
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This community was created to discuss and share your experiences with houseofworship.ca

Ask questions about our products
Share your experiences with our service
Post pictures of you in your custom House Of Worship corset

Please feel free to discuss all topics related to corsets, tight-lacing and waist training.

If you are looking for information regarding other corset makers online other than
houseofworship.ca please visit one of these other lovely and helpful communities.

House Of Worship is a Canadian based retail/wholesale company specializing in hand-crafted corsets and fetish wear.
All of our products are individually crafted using only the highest quality materials.
All Worship corsets are made 3 or 4 ply depending on the construction requirements of the chosen style. Outer layer features the fabric of your choice, fused with a stiffening agent and lined in cotton twill. Some designs may host a third interlining of stiff canvas for extra support.
All corsets are fully boned using sturdy spring steel and spiral stays. Most of our corsets contain between 14-24 steel bones, depending on size and style of the corset plus a steel front busk. Inside construction features twill waist tape to ensure the corset remains true to it's intended size through continual and frequent use.
Each corset laces up the center back through high quality, two-piece grommets centered between steel boning.
All the PVC used in our corsets is a high quality, high gloss vinyl that will not stretch or tear & for extra durability is backed with a layer corseting fabric.